Choosing the Correct Paid Plan Offering for your Organization


Clockwise offers both monthly and annual subscriptions for teams and for your organization as a whole. When you are ready to make a selection, click "Upgrade" in your Settings menu, or click here to go to the Pricing page to choose the correct plan. You can read more about what each plan includes here: Clockwise Plan Offerings.

Subscription Term and Renewal

Clockwise offers both monthly and annual subscriptions. If you wish to change your subscription from monthly to annual or vice versa, please let us know

By default, all subscriptions auto-renew at the end of their term. For annual plans, Clockwise will contact you 30 days in advance of your renewal to let you know about your upcoming renewal date. Your subscription will be renewed for the number of active users on your renewal date – for more information on how to manage the users in your subscription, please see Billing and Paid User Management.

Please note that there is a plan discount for subscriptions that are renewed on an annual payment basis.

Paid user groups: Teams, Orgs, Divisions

You can decide which users you want to pay for by selecting the appropriate group when purchasing your subscription. Below are the groups you can choose to upgrade:


  • For groups up to 50 users
  • Create from the Setting panel (learn more here)
  • Select the team you want to pay for at checkout
  • Administrate who you pay for within your Team in Plans & Billing


  • Available for Business plan customers only
  • Pay for a group of users between a team and an org - users can be added or removed from the Division by the admin


  • Pay for your entire company - anyone who signs up for Clockwise from your domain name will be added to your subscription if they are active
  • Choose the org option at checkout

Monthly True Ups

If there are any increases to your active user count above the number of seats you purchased, Clockwise will automatically “true up” your account to include the number of updated seats. For monthly plans, these true up charges will coincide with your monthly bill.  For annual plans, Clockwise will true up your subscription monthly, on the monthly anniversary of your purchase (ex: if you bought on Jan 5th, Clockwise will true up on the 5th of every month).

The price for these seats is pro-rated and co-termed to your subscription. Clockwise will email the account admin (Business plans) and each billing owner (Teams plans) 3 days before the billing event with information about the upcoming charge, the cost associated, and the current user count. 

If at any time you choose to lower your seat-count on a self-serve Clockwise plan, you will see a message in Plans & Billing around upcoming changes reflective of the date the change will go into effect.



If you have further questions about finding the right fit for your organization, our Sales team is more than happy to discuss what makes the most sense for you at whatever stage your needs exist. Feel free to email them any time.