Feature overview and ideal set up

Clockwise is simple to get up and running but just so you know you're setting yourself up for success, here is your quick guide to all the features. Below you'll see a break down of features as it relates to how Clockwise looks to improve your calendar.

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Optimize your schedule

Flexible Meetings 

Best candidates for Flexible Meetings are short, internal, recurring meetings that are flexible enough where they have to happen on a regular basis, but don't have to be at a specific time.

Every day at 4 PM in the majority-timezone for your organization, Clockwise will automatically optimize your meetings to do the following:

    • Resolve conflicts
    • Save you or your teammates for Focus Time
    • Align with each meeting participants' preferences

Learn more about Flexible Meetings here.

Ideal Set up

    • Set up your meeting preferences independently from your working hours to make sure meetings don't get scheduled too early or late in your day. 
    • Set up each meeting's flexibility to make sure it moves within the range you want it to
    • Make sure your meetings are truly flexible enough to move!
      • Clockwise will move meetings automatically without waiting for approval, so making sure your meeting preferences and move flexibility is correct will guarantee you'll be satisfied with your meeting update.

Protect your Focus Time

Focus Time

Focus Time is defined as at least 1 hour of uninterrupted time on your calendar.

    • Communicate your Focus Time to colleagues by syncing your Focus Time to your calendar
    • Set your weekly Focus Time goal to ensure the right amount of time is protected on your calendar. Once this goal is hit, Clockwise will no longer sync Focus Time on your calendar

Read more about Focus Time here.

Ideal Set up

To maintain your availability to teammates (especially for managers) consider having a good mix of meetings, Focus Time, and open time on your calendar. This way, if people need to schedule some ad hoc meetings with you, they won't be interrupting your Focus Time.

    • If you create events on your calendar to communicate what you're working on, update the meeting category for that meeting to ensure your Focus Time calculation is correct. 
    • Calculate your ideal meeting to Focus Time ratio. 
      • How many hours of meetings do you absolutely need to be in per week?
      • How many hours of meetings do you absolutely need to get your work done?
        • Make sure this number is realistic given your schedule!
      • Set your Focus Time goal per week to suit your needs and communicate with your team to respect Focus Time events synced to your calendar
      • Consult your home page to see if you're on track to hit your Focus Time goal and if not, what you can change to get closer.

Team Features

Creating a team allows you to group the people whose calendars you care most about in one place. Once your Clockwise trial is over, creating and upgrading a team is the only way you can continue to optimize your team's calendar with Flexible Meetings. Some of the most popular team features include:

Ideal Set up

  • Search for your team to see if it already exists. If not, create your team and invite your colleagues
  • You can have one primary team and up to 5 secondary teams
  • Set your team features from the Team settings menu

Learn more about Clockwise for Teams here.

Personal Assistant Features

Take the busy work out of managing your calendar with the following features:

    • Lunch holds
    • Personal calendar sync
    • Travel time
    • Automatic color-coding

Ideal set up

    • Lunch holds will automatically be created on your calendar. If you need to manually update or create a lunch, add an event on your calendar with the word "Lunch" in the title and Clockwise will not create a duplicate event that day

    • Automatic color-coding will not revert back to your old colors. Only turn this feature on if you do not currently have a color-coding system for your calendar.

Sync with integrations

Make sure to streamline your tools by syncing with Clockwise's integrations:

    • Clockwise for Slack
      • Automatic Slack status update
      • Automatic Do Not Disturb
      • Daily Forecast
      • Daily Autopilot Notifications

    • Zoom integration
      • Make sure meetings created with Clockwise scheduler automatically include a Zoom link 

Ideal set up

    • Automatic Slack status update defaults to showing your meeting titles. If you want to keep your meeting titles private, make sure to update your settings.

    • Integrate with Zoom for yourself or if enough teammates within your organization are using Clockwise, contact your IT team to sync Zoom for all Clockwise users with our Zoom admin integration.