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Team Analytics surfaces how much Focus Time and meeting time your teammates have. Click on the team you'd like to see from the drop-down menu, choose the time period you'd like to view, then click on an individual avatar or card to view deeper information. Team analytics is only available from the Clockwise Chrome extension. 


To use Team Analytics, make sure you have defined who is on your team. You can edit your team at any time from the Clockwise web app, and choosing the team name you want to manage.


In your analytics, Clockwise divides your work time into a few categories:

  • Meetings: Calendar events with other attendees, or that our algorithm has identified is a meeting
  • Focus Time: Blocks of free time within your working hours longer than 2 hours
  • Fragmented Time: Blocks of free time within your working hours shorter than 2 hours
  • Other: Calendar events that our algorithm has identified are not meetings (for example: personal holds, no meeting days, WFH blocks)
  • Out of Office: Clockwise excludes days that you indicate you are out of office or on vacation from the total number of hours that you work

Team Insights shows the total number of hours your teammates spend in meetings and in Focus Time. This does not include fragmented or other time blocks.

Time Period

Team Insights shows the total number of hours your teammates have of meeting time and Focus Time for the selected time period. You can change the time range by selecting a new time period from the drop down menu, or by changing weeks on your calendar.

Working Preferences

Clockwise automatically populates the working preferences for everyone on your team based on historical meeting activity. If the individual who's profile you're looking at is a Clockwise user, the meeting hours information will reflect the preferences they set in Clockwise. If not, it will show Clockwise's estimates.

Top Collaborators

The time period for the Top Collaborators data corresponds to the date range selected at the top of the profile. This is the amount of time you spent in meetings with the collaborators listed during the time period.


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