Organizational Meeting & Calendar Data Export

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Have you wondered, Do my teams have enough Focus Time per week? or, Is the amount of available Focus Time getting worse over time? Using Clockwise's meeting and calendar data export, you are able to analyze the meeting load for individual users and can independently combine this data with team and org data from other tools to understand and resolve team-wide time management issues.

Data Report

Downloading a CSV of all Clockwise user calendar data for Business or Enterprise plan users from the Admin panel is as easy as a few clicks.

The download contains 8-week periods of data including:

    • list of all Clockwise users
    • weekly number of focus hours
    • weekly number of meeting hours
    • weekly number of fragmented hours per user
    • user's Job Role and Job Function based on the data they entered at onboarding

Downloading Meeting and Calendar Data

  1. Navigate to the Clockwise Organization Analytics dashboard.
  2. Click the “Download” button on the top right next to the time-picker. 

    The download will create a local copy of the data to your machine after preparation is complete. Locate the CSV and open it to view the data.

Note: This report doesn't provide a list of active users, nor does it indicate Clockwise engagement. The downloaded file only contains data for users who are either on a Business or Enterprise plan. If you need assistance determining how your team is using their calendar management please reach out to your Clockwise Customer Success partner.

Right now, the download feature only exports the weekly number of meeting hours, number of focus hours (the total focus time on the calendar, not focus time created by Clockwise, that reflects 2+ hour focus), and number of fragmented hours per user. In the future, we’ll look to expand the download feature to include other measures such as the number of Focus Time hours saved per week and number of conflicts resolved on a per-user level.

We’d welcome your feedback on data that you’d like to see as part of this feature!