Clockwise Teams features

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There are a number of paid features provided by Clockwise Teams including team availability calendars, team No-Meeting Days, and analytics groupings by team. Paid teams also provide updates on teammates that are out of the office in your Clockwise feed, updates on teammates that are low on Focus Time in your Clockwise feed, and your week in review email.

If you're looking for information about how to create or join a team, check out the article here.

Team availability calendar

Instead of updating your personal calendar and your shared team calendar, each teammate will only have to update their own calendar. Their OOO or WFH days will automatically sync with your team availability calendar, making sure it is always up to date. 

For more on Clockwise's team availability calendar, click here.

Team no-meeting day

It's nice to look forward to a full meeting-free day where your entire team has committed to getting 8 hours of heads-down time. Many organizations have implemented no meeting days into their work culture to increase productivity. But without the capability built directly into the calendar, it can be hard to maintain as the culture changes, teams grow, or if meeting norms are different between cross-functional groups.

Now with Clockwise for Teams, you can designate a day to avoid scheduling meetings making it easier than ever to reserve one day a week to truly be meeting-free.

For more on Clockwise's No-Meeting Day, click here.

Team Analytics

Team Analytics shows you how much Focus Time and meeting time your teammates have. Click on the team you'd like to see from the drop-down menu, choose the time period you'd like to view, then click on an individual's photo or card to view deeper information. Team analytics is only available from the Clockwise Chrome extension. 

For more on Team Analytics, click here.