Clockwise Plan Offerings

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Clockwise offers the following plans as reflected on our pricing page:

  • Free Plan: Perfect for individuals and small teams, the free plan gives you access to the core functionality of Clockwise: unlimited access to lunch holds, flexible holds, travel time holds, personal calendar sync, and smart meeting breaks. Free users also have limited access to Clockwise Links.
  • Teams Plan: The Teams Plan offers unlimited access to all of Clockwise’s calendar automation, plus advanced features that enable more customization, better team collaboration to protect focus time, and ultimately deliver greater impact. Users on a Teams plan have access to flexible meetings, Focus Time holds, group scheduling links, Team No Meeting Day holds, OOO rules, and team analytics.
  • Business Plan: For a large internal department or small company looking to implement full-feature Clockwise to enhance their own time-value, this plan provides access to all features including enhanced calendar analytics, enhanced administrative controls, and an extended optimization window.
  • Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise Plan caters to larger companies looking to maximize the value of Clockwise through all-access features including user provisioning, configurable processing, and advanced privacy settings such as calendar exclusion lists to accommodate administration needs. Contact our sales team at to learn more. 

Plans Overview

What is included in the Free plan?

The Free plan lets any team get started with Clockwise’s core features, but is limited in its interaction with team functionality. This version of Clockwise is meant to be used by an individual or a small team that has infrequent meeting conflict. 

The following features are included in the Free plan:

    • Lunch holds
    • Flexible holds
    • Travel time holds
    • Smart meeting breaks
    • Personal-to-work calendar sync
    • Slack Integration
    • Zoom integration

All Free Plan customers experience a 30-day trial of Teams features at time of sign-up.

What is included in the Teams Plan?

The Teams Plan offers users everything in the Free plan, plus expands functionality to accommodate teammate-to-teammate interaction with the following additional features: 

    • Flexible Meetings to automatically create Focus Time and resolve conflicts 
    • Focus Time holds to preserve individual working time
    • Team productivity tools including group scheduling, automatic No Meeting Day, team analytics, and team Out Of Office calendars
    • Billing administration & seat count management

What is included in the Business Plan?

The Business plan includes everything in the Clockwise Teams plan with the following additional features, built for the needs of small businesses and large departments:

    • Admin controls and user roles
    • Meeting & calendar data export
    • Extended optimization window
    • Priority Support
    • Custom contract and invoicing
    • Personalized onboarding and training
    • Meeting culture workshop
    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager 

What is included in the Enterprise Plan?

The Enterprise plan includes everything in the Business plan with the following additional features, built for the needs of larger businesses:

Buying Clockwise

How do I pay for Clockwise?

Clockwise offers both monthly and annual subscriptions for teams and for your organization as a whole. When you are ready to make a selection, click "Upgrade" in your Settings menu, or click here to go to the Pricing page to choose the correct plan. 

Where can I see who at my company or on my team is using Clockwise?

You can see all Clockwise users in the Organization Users dashboard. Here, you are able to filter and explore teams within your organization. For more specific user requests, please reach out to our team.

How do I choose who to pay for?

You can choose to pay for all active users at your company, your primary Clockwise team, or just yourself (in this case, we’ll create a team of one as part of checkout). 

For team check-outs, if you already created a team in Clockwise or are part of a team, you will see your primary team name displayed for quick and easy checkout. You can check out for the exact number of members in a team, or more than that, in increments of 5.

When you put in the billing information, you will automatically become that Team's billing administrator. You can change the billing email in Plans & Billing.

Changing paid plans

What happens if I add or remove Clockwise users to/from my paid account?

For Teams plan customers, Clockwise will automatically adjust your bill for newly added members of your team. You can reduce the number of paid seats in your account with Plans & Billing; once you confirm your user count under the Users section, you can adjust your user seat count equal to the number of paid users within your plan.

Note: If you are unable to reduce the seats to your preferred amount, recheck the amount of paid users listed on your team. It is not possible to reduce your seats below this number so it will not show as an option.

A pending change will show up following your edit, allowing you to know when the changes you made will go into effect, following the billing cycle.

Cancellation, Billing changes, and Refunds 

  • To change or cancel your subscription, the person who made the initial purchase should fill out the cancellation request form. If the billing admin is no longer with your company, please let us know.
  • Cancellations are effective as of the end of your current billing period. You will continue to have access until that point.
  • For your privacy, we will not accept credit card details over email. Please visit the Billing Portal located in the Admin Panel to update your billing information.
  • Clockwise does not currently offer refunds.