Holds: Lunch, Travel, and Personal Time



Clockwise optimizes your calendar by adding event holds that help you have streamlined items for your workday. These items include Focus Time, Lunch, Personal Calendar Syncing, and Travel Time. 

Clockwise identifies this as a hold because it's an event that applies to 1 person. It then moves it intelligently for you based on your personal preferences.

The different type of Clockwise-managed holds are:

  • Lunch: Depending on your lunch preferences in Clockwise, you will see recurrent Lunch holds on your calendar weekly. 
  • Personal Calendar Sync: Clockwise will allow you to synchronize your personal events from your primary personal calendar so that your coworkers are aware of other commitments you have during the workday.
  • Travel Time: Clockwise will block off your travel time on your calendar to help you manage your commute without any stress of a meeting being added to your calendar at an inconvenient time. 
  • Flexible Holds: Clockwise will preserve your need to complete a task in a day, but will move the task to a time that maximizes your uninterrupted time.
  • Focus Time: If on a paid plan, Clockwise will set at least 1-hour blocks of uninterrupted time for focused work.

Editing existing Clockwise Holds

If you need to update your lunch or Focus Time event series, simply click into the event and click on "View Settings".

If you edit any particular event, you will see a display confirming "Timing set, because you edited it"


Additionally, Clockwise's smart reminders will keep you updated on changes made to those events if you need to revisit what changed. Here are examples of what they will look like: