Auto-decline: Protected Holds

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Time and time again, you get invited to meetings that fall smack in the middle of the only block you have to get in the zone. 

Your Focus Time isn’t free time. But does your calendar know that? If your Focus Time Holds (or Lunch Holds or Smart Meeting Breaks) are consistently ignored, it defeats the purpose of having that time on your calendar in the first place. 

With Auto-decline, you can tell Clockwise to automatically decline incoming meetings with 2+ attendees during specific blocks of Focus Time or during Lunch Holds and/or Smart Meeting Breaks.

Protecting individual holds

Clockwise Web App

  1. Select the hold (Focus Time, Lunch, or Smart Meeting Break) that you wish to protect from the Clockwise Planner view.
  2. In your Clockwise sidebar, choose Do not move it and also decline incoming meetings, which will auto-save your selection.

Google Calendar

  1. Select the Clockwise-managed hold from within your Google calendar.
  2. Click the Decline incoming meetings button.

Whichever way you choose to defend that hold, Clockwise will now automatically decline any invites during the protected time. Additionally, you'll see a shield emoji (🛡️) appear in the event title, indicating that the hold is protected. 

If a hold is necessary but the time of day is flexible, consider making a Flexible Hold instead.