Flexible Hold Tips



Do you want to save space for an afternoon cup of tea? Maybe you need to find time to take the dog out? Or to hold a break in meetings for nursing? Or to build in a morning meditation routine? Whatever the reason, Clockwise can help you protect time for any break or flexible obligation with custom Smart Holds. 

To create your custom Smart Hold, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Set up a recurring calendar event with no other attendees with the necessary duration and cadence
  2. Mark the meeting as flexible with Clockwise – this will make the meeting a Flexible Hold.
  3. Adjust the time of day flexibility* to the time range you need this hold to happen within (i.e. morning hours, after 3pm, etc.)

That's it! Once you have the event created, marked it as flexible, and configured the appropriate time window, you will have protected time for whatever you need. And as a flexible meeting, Clockwise will update the event hold if conflicts arise or if there are less disruptive times available. 


Here are a few other considerations for your custom Smart Hold:

  • You can fill in as much detail as you like on the event and can set it to private if you want to keep the name and detail hidden.
  • As an event with no other attendees, Clockwise will automatically categorize this event as a hold for you.
  • When scheduling the event, make the standing recurrence the preferred time you'd like it to occur and then use the time of day flexibility to define the window within which it is ok to move. This will keep the event at your preferred time unless Clockwise finds a less disruptive time or needs to resolve a conflict. 


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