Slack Security & Privacy

For the Clockwise Slack app to work, you will need both a Clockwise account and a Slack account. Currently, you can't create a Clockwise account in Slack, so you have to sign up via the Clockwise chrome extension or by visiting the Clockwise Web App.

Explanation of permission requested and access required

What will Clockwise be able to view?

  • Content and information about user
    • Validation required to confirm the user has access to the Slack account attempting to be synced with Clockwise
  • Basic information about public channels
  • View messages and other content in direct messages that Clockwise has been added to
    • Allow user to reply to a message in Clockwise bot direct message
  • View Do Not Disturb for people in your workspace
  • View people in your workspace
    • Allows for inviting colleagues within Slack 

What will Clockwise be able to do?

Slack account says "Update Now"

As Clockwise adds new features to the Slack integration, we periodically need to request access to different permissions within Slack.  Because we never ask for more than we need, and we can't add them without your approval, we will prompt you to update your Slack integration to approve adding these permissions.  

For example, when we released the ability to automatically put Slack in Do Not Disturb mode, we needed to request access to "modify your workspace's Do Not Disturb settings".