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Use the Clockwise for Slack integration to seamlessly communicate your meeting and work status with your team. 

The Clockwise Slack integration makes your work life easier:

    • It can automatically update your status with your availability.
    • It offers you and your teammates a preview of your day, and your team’s day.
    • It silences unwanted interruptions for deep focus with Do Not Disturb.

Note: These instructions are for personal Slack setup. There is not an Organization-wide Slack setting, but there are team-specific setups to facilitate team availability syncs.

You can read our article on our Slack app's security to learn more about the specific permissions requested when you set up your Slack account and why they are needed.

How to set up the Clockwise Slack app

If you don't have an existing Clockwise account, get started by installing the Clockwise Slack app via the Slack App store.

Connect your Slack instance to Clockwise 

  1. Navigate to your Connected Apps from the Clockwise web app.
  2. Scroll down to Slack and click Add to Slack.
  3. Acknowledge the information the connection will create by clicking Allow.

Add the Clockwise Slack app to your own Slack experience

  1. Navigate to Apps in your Slack interface.
  2. Search for Clockwise within your own workspace or else find it in the App Directory and click Add.

Manage your Slack preferences

Access your preferences via your Connected Apps from the Clockwise web app.

Auto sync calendar to Slack status

Clockwise lets you select between three levels of syncing your event status:

    • Off – This disables your sync status from syncing.
    • With event titles – If you select this option, Clockwise will sync the full title of your meetings to your Slack status. If you mark an individual event as "private" we will not sync the title of that event. However, if your calendar is private to some or all people within your organization, Clockwise will still display the full titles of your events.
    • Without event titles – No calendar event titles will be displayed, Slack will only that you are "In a meeting" and the category of that meeting. 

Clockwise automatically syncs your current calendar status to Slack in the form of an emoji with descriptive text. The different options for the statuses are below:

    • 🗓 – In a "meeting category" Meeting (via Clockwise)  (For example: 🗓 In an external meeting (via Clockwise))
    • 💡 – Focus Time (via Clockwise)
    • ⛔️ – Out of Office (via Clockwise)
    • The current phase of the moon [🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔] – Before Working Hours or Outside of Working Hours (via Clockwise)
      • Note - this status will only sync on days you are working. (ie. not on weekends)
    • Blank – no description, shows when you're in fragmented time, in a meeting that Clockwise has categorized as not a true meeting (a hold, travel time, etc), and on weekends.
    • Based on the meeting setup, you may also see this emoji in accompaniment with any of the above: 🔕 Slack notifications are muted

Note: For events added via Google's Focus Time or Microsoft's Viva daily focus plans/ad-hoc, users will see the event hold in Clockwise Planner, and it will mark the event as a hold. This will affect your weekly Focus Time metrics.

Clockwise categorizes your time automatically. You can also customize the categorization of an event by clicking on the event and selecting a category from the drop-down under the event title.  If you want to change the category of a meeting, you can do that from inside the Clockwise chrome extension.

The event categories that show that you are "In a Meeting" using the Slack Status sync include:

    • External attendees
    • One-on-one
    • Team sync
    • Ad-hoc
    • Other

Changing your status to not show meeting titles

To hide meeting titles from your status, access your preferences via your Connected Apps from the Clockwise web app. Adjust the settings in the Auto sync calendar to Slack status area to reflect Without event titles.

Time to receive daily forecast

This is the time the top-of-workday summary will post your day's agenda. It is a private notification to you via the Slack integration.

Turn on Do Not Disturb

Ever get distracted by Slack messages when you're in a meeting, or when you're really trying to get work done? Clockwise for Slack will automatically put you into "Do Not Disturb" mode in Slack, so you don't see any Slack notifications during those times.

You can choose from having this feature turned off, or otherwise showing while in Focus Time and/or meeting events.

You can manually override DND mode at any time by clicking on your user icon in Slack > Pause Notifications > Resume notifications. This override only holds for the current event and will reset the next event change that comes up that you normally sync.

You can change when you would like to enter DND mode from either the web app or else directly in the Slack Clockwise app.

Receive summary of your flexible meeting updates

If any of your meetings are marked as flexible, Slack is an easy way to stay up-to-date about meeting moves. See at a glance which meeting moved, why it moved, and what the benefit was to you and your teammates. Choose if you would like to be notified of all the movements Clockwise arranges to optimize your schedule.

Temporarily overriding a status set by Clockwise

Manually set your status in Slack and Clockwise will send you a confirmation message of pausing status sync. Clockwise will resume syncing after the "Clear after" time you set in Slack

Removing Slack for Clockwise

Key things to know about uninstalling Clockwise for Slack:

    • Removing your account will disable meeting status updates via Slack
    • Un-syncing your Slack integration will not remove Clockwise functionality like Focus Time, flexible meeting moves, or color-coding functionality from your calendar. To fully disable all Clockwise functionality, you need to deactivate your account from the Settings tab.
    • Please do not deactivate from the Slack store. There is a higher risk that you will cancel Clockwise for your entire org instead of just yourself. 

Disconnect your Slack account directly in the Slack App

  1. Navigate to your Slack App.
  2. Open up the Clockwise app in Slack.
  3. Click on the Settings tab.

  4. Scroll through your options and click the Disconnect button.

Remove your Slack Account from your Clockwise account

  1. Navigate to your Connected Apps from the Clockwise web app.
  2. Scroll down to Slack and click Disconnect Slack account.

This operation will remove your Slack account from Clockwise and disable the Slack status updates from Clockwise. Your Clockwise account will still be active.