Slack Team Availability Sync

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For details on the features of your team availability calendar, click here.

Turning on Slack sync for team availability calendar

In addition to having access to your team availability calendar, you can set up daily notifications in Slack to keep everyone up to date on your team's availability.

  1. Navigate to your team in the Teams section of the Clockwise web app.

  2. From here you'll need to decide which Slack channel you'd like to send the update to and what time you'd like the update to be sent on a daily basis.

Note: In the case where you can't find your desired channel, try typing in the exact channel name into the field and pressing save. This should work for public channels that don't show up in the list initially.

Updates will include who is working from home, out of the office for a longer duration and out of the office for a portion of the day.

The Clockwise Slack integration publishes to the Clockwise app channel and one channel of choice by team, with a summary of team functionality in it for each user who belongs to the team.

Note: If you would like to post team availability in a private channel, first add the Clockwise bot to the private channel, then type the channel name into the Slack integration channel selector – the Slack authorization does not allow for auto-complete due to privacy reasons.