Smart Scheduling Suggestions



Clockwise can help handle the tedious manual work of scheduling events with your coworkers. It helps you to:

  • Find the best meeting times by suggesting a number of different options and communicating the impact of each option.
  • Finding inconveniences by showing how choosing certain times will impact Focus Time for attendees. 
  • Smart suggestions that give you the soonest time to set your meeting should you need it for urgent meetings. 

Accessing your smart scheduling suggestions

Clockwise smart scheduling suggestions can be accessed in two ways:

1. Directly in your google calendar when you start scheduling a new meeting event.

A pop-up modal with options and time suggestions will be available under the timing for the meeting.


2. From the Chrome extension on the bottom right of the window; Click here to download Clockwise for Chrome. You can add attendees to your meeting in two ways:

  • Click "Find Time" under the teammate's name. This will open a window with suggested times based on your teammate's availability. 
  • Or Click the "Create via Clockwise" button and add attendees to that event. 

Smart scheduling suggestions

Clockwise's smart scheduling suggestions will surface the "Soonest," "Best Pick," and the "Also Good" time suggestions to meet. If you're creating a Smart Hold, it will also suggest "In Focus Time."

  • The "Soonest" is the quickest time you could schedule the meeting.
  • The "Best Pick" is the time that interrupts the least Focus Time.
  • The "Also Good" suggestion is the times that have the least amount of impact on Focus Time for all attendees.
  • The "In Focus Time" allows you to book a one-attendee meeting as specific Focus Time.

Our Smart Suggestions feature will also let you know if a time you have selected will cause a Conflict or be Inconvenient for meeting attendees. This takes over the manual work of looking on your calendar to make sure there are no conflicts etc. 

Finish scheduling

You can adjust the event duration, timing, and room selection to see alternative suggestions.

Once you have reviewed the suggestions and found the best option, click on the time you would like to book. 

Then add a title, description, location, and any other details relevant to your meeting.

Click "Save", and your meeting will be scheduled.


Scheduling Task Holds

Clockwise can help you create time to focus on a specific task using the smart scheduling suggestions as well. Simply add an event with you as the only attendee and Clockwise will automatically sync it as a Task Hold.

And you can still use the smart scheduling suggestions to find the best times on your own calendar. 

If you prefer, you can also set a task as a Flexible Hold to maximize Focus Time.



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