What to expect when your teammates are using Clockwise

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Are you using Clockwise? Send this article to your teammates to help them understand how to engage with your optimized schedule. It will help explain what Clockwise is and what to expect now that you're using it to find more Focus Time.

In this article:

What is Clockwise?

Clockwise is a AI-powered time management and calendar optimization platform. It is a modern way to bring schedules together in harmony at the organizational level.

How to tell if your teammate is using Clockwise

You will know that your teammate is using Clockwise when you see Focus Time, break holds, and other events with an emoji at the start, or a (via Clockwise) indication in the title in your personal calendar view.

How to interact with their calendar

When you see Clockwise type of events on the calendar, the best way to schedule a new meeting with your teammate is to pull up their calendar, and schedule something within a free space instead of over their Focus Time or lunch.

What to expect with flexible meetings

You may notice that some meetings on your teammates calendar are marked as Flexible Meetings, indicated by the ❇️ sparkle emoji. This allows Clockwise to reorganize these meetings based on the teammate's preferences to find more Focus Time for them. This creates a schedule that is less disruptive, and adjusts if conflict arises .

If you'd prefer your meeting not to move, talk to your teammate to mark your meeting as unflexible in their settings.