Share Your Clockwise Scheduling Link via a Google account



Share your link from the Clockwise sidebar

Your meeting link will always be available in your Clockwise sidebar to be copied and shared.

Clicking Share will open a window with text you can easily paste into an email:


Clicking Customize will allow you to quickly change the number of days your availability is shown, and allow you to change the timezone. This is especially useful if you know you'll be traveling, or if the person you're sharing your link with is in another timezone.


Share your link from within Gmail

Mid-email and need to grab your link to share quickly? With the Clockwise extension installed, now you can! Click on the Clockwise icon in your extensions toolbar, and Copy link there.


Who you can share with

You can share your link with anyone, even if they are not a Clockwise user. There is no sign in necessary. When someone clicks on your scheduling link, they'll be able to choose a time based on your preferences, and enter their name & email address.




What your link will look like

  1. To preview your link, visit your Scheduling Links dashboard.
  2. Click Edit Link for the link you'd like to preview.
  3. Once there, click View Live Page at the top right of the screen.
    Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 9.38.15 PM.png

This view is what others will see when you share your link with them.