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As someone who may schedule meetings outside of your organization, you may need to be able to  account for the combined availability of multiple internal attendees. Group links allows you to do this quickly and easily.

Whether enabling a customer or prospect to schedule a meeting using Scheduling Links, or else asking an external work partner to grab your best time for a sync, group scheduling links makes it possible to select the best time for everyone within your Clockwise organization.

Creating a Group Scheduling Link

  1. Navigate to your links page by clicking Create in the Scheduling Links section of the Clockwise extension.

  1. After adding the meeting details, add your teammates via email search in the Attendees area.

Note: Your teammate must be a Clockwise user (either on a free or paid plan) to appear in the search.

  1. It's suggested that you select More Options and opt to highlight your best times according to the Clockwise scheduler. These are highlighted to help guide guests towards times that are more in-line with your preferences.

    When using group scheduling links, your focus must offer maximize availability in order to ensure that the link has availability for your external attendees.

  2. Save your meeting link by choosing Create Link in the upper right-hand side of the window.

  1. Share your link by clicking Copy link from the extension. 

    If you choose to share your availability by using the share option, copy/pasting your optional times retains your preferred focus availability and also provides a link to book a time.

All links are reflective of the individual setups around flexibility and display preferences. They are bookable in perpetuity until the link is either deactivated or deleted.