Create Your Clockwise Link



Create your link 

  1. Head to your Links dashboard.
  2. Click Edit username, and choose a personalized Links URL.

Create & Customize Meetings

  1. From your Links Dashboard, click Create a link.
  2. Name your meeting.
  3. Set the meeting preferences: duration of the meeting, and when you want the meeting scheduled (choose a date range, or a number of days in the future), as well as what video conferencing tool you want to use (Google Meet and Zoom currently supported).
  4. For Teams plans and above, decide whether you want to maximize availability, protect Focus Time, or set a balance of both:
    a. Maximum availability makes all your Focus Time bookable.
    b. Balance Availability and Focus Time lets people book meeting slots only at the start or end of your Focus Time.
    c. Protect Focus Time disallows people from booking within your protected Focus Time.
  5. You can also click More options to display more meeting preferences.
  6. Decide if you'd like to prompt folks to answer questions prior to booking the meeting, and whether or not they are required, or optional.
  7. When you're finished, click Create Link. A link URL will be generated for you to copy and share right away.