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It's nice to look forward to one, full meeting free day where your entire team has committed to getting 8 hours of heads-down time. Many organizations have implemented no meetings days into their work culture to increase productivity but without the capability built directly into the calendar, it can be hard to maintain as the culture changes, teams grow, or if meeting norms are different between cross-functional groups.

Now with Clockwise for paid teams, you can designate a day to avoid scheduling meetings making it easier than ever to reserve one day a week to truly be meeting-free.

How does team no meeting day work?

  • Flexible meetings, that have been designated to move within week, will avoid no meeting days
  • Meetings scheduled using Clockwise's Scheduler will avoid no meeting days
  • If the automatic email is enabled, colleagues that schedule a meeting on your no meeting day will get an automatic reply prompting them to reschedule.

Setting up team no meeting day

To turn on and select your team no meeting day, go to Menu>Your Teams. Select the team you'd like to manage for no meeting day.  Go to Manage Team and then toggle on Create a no-meeting day for your team on and select the day that you'd like to designate as a no meeting day.


There are two elements to Team no-meeting day:

  • Avoid scheduling on no meeting days with flexible meetings and Scheduler:
    • To maximize your no-meeting day, make sure most of your flexible meetings and 1:1's are marked as flexible.
  • Discourage internal colleagues scheduling on no meeting days by enabling Autoreply:
    • The auto-reply will send an automatic email to all internal colleagues that try to schedule a meeting on your team's no meeting day - this is optional. 
    • Clockwise will not automatically reschedule that meeting, it will be up to your colleague to reschedule the meeting after they receive the email:


Disabling no meeting day for an individual 

If your team likes to commit to a no meeting day but you prefer not to participate, you can always disable the team no meeting day just for yourself.

Go to Menu > Your Teams > Select your team > Your Settings then toggle off "Keep [no meeting day] meeting-free for me when possible"



Will all my meetings automatically be removed from no meeting day?

Only meetings that are marked as flexible will automatically be rescheduled to avoid your no meeting day.  Colleagues that schedule meetings on your team's no meeting day will get an autoreply warning them that their meeting is at an inconvenient time. It is up to them to reschedule in response to the email. 

What if I have a flexible meeting on my no meeting day?

If your flexible meeting settings are set to move within week, Clockwise will move this meeting to a different day. If your flexible meeting settings are to move within day, Clockwise will not optimize that meeting and keep it scheduled on your no meeting day.

Consider updating your flexible meeting settings if to move within week to really preserve your no meeting day. 

What if Clockwise can't resolve a conflict in my schedule?

Clockwise will not move any meetings into a no meeting day. This means that if you have a conflict on your schedule and there is absolutely no other time within your week where the meeting can move, it will remain conflicted until you manually move the meeting into your no meeting day. 

How do I avoid no meeting day when scheduling ad hoc meetings?

Consider using Clockwise's Scheduler tool when scheduling ad hoc meetings.  Using the Scheduler will ensure the meeting is scheduled at the most convenient time for all attendees and will avoid no meeting days for your team. 

Can I set another no meeting day for secondary teams?

A no meeting day can only be set for your primary team in Clockwise. Secondary teams will not reflect any no meeting day that has been set. It is also important to note that if a secondary team set by someone else is their primary team then Clockwise will switch it to that team as their primary. Clockwise will respect whichever primary team's no meeting day is set. 


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