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Can I edit my Focus Time event?

Yes, Clockwise allows you to manually edit your Focus Time events. With this option, you can edit the title of the event to your liking, drag up to shorten or down to increase the duration, or simply edit the event description to add details of what you want to work on during that Focus Time window. 

Are the Focus Time events marked as busy, or free?

To manage whether events show you as Free or Available during Focus Time, set this preference in Your Ideal Day under Schedule Focus Time on your calendar?. You can change your availability for an individual event from the event Planner or within the calendar view in Chrome.


If my calendar changes, how quickly will the Focus Time event update?

Clockwise Focus Time events are updated in real time – if there is a change to your calendar that impacts your Smart Holds, they will update within minutes. 

What is the minimum duration for a block of Focus Time?  Can I customize that duration?

The minimum duration for a Focus Time block is 1 hour.  Read more about Focus Time here.  Currently, that minimum time threshold can't be customized.

Can I disable alert notifications for Focus Time events?

Clockwise Focus Time events reflect your Google account settings for event creation as a default. You can change these individually within each Focus Time event.

How do I delete a Focus Time event from my calendar?

  1. Navigate to your Planner tab.
  2. Click the event.
  3. Click Remove this hold.

What happens when I don't see Focus Time scheduled on my calendar?

See Why Isn't My Focus Time Scheduling?

Why don't I see Focus Time on my calendar set after two weeks?

Clockwise will sync Focus Time and other Smart Hold events on your calendar three weeks out; including the current week.

Can I manually add a Focus Time hold?

Yes, you can do this by creating an event with the desired duration in your Google calendar, and categorizing it as Focus Time in Clockwise.
Or, you can use Google's Focus Time event type, which allows you to decline any existing events.


Either way you add Focus Time manually, the event becomes sticky and will not move or remove itself as other changes to your schedule occur.

Check out Color Coding overview to learn more about setting a Focus Time event in Clockwise. 


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