Lunch Events Overview

Save time for lunch every day by letting Clockwise automatically sync a lunch hold to your calendar.  

In this article, you'll learn:

How lunch holds work

When you enable lunch holds, Clockwise will automatically preserve time for your lunch when moving flexible meetings. It can also create a calendar event that corresponds to your lunch preferences.  

These dynamic calendar events are updated in real-time as your calendar changes, so you can always have an up-to-date view of the time you have available for lunch.

💡Note: Lunches will not change once the day they are scheduled arrives.

Set up & Configuration

Preserve Time for Lunch

  1. Visit Your ideal day
  2. Scroll down to How about having time for lunch every day? and click the toggle.
  3. Configure your preferences for when you want to take lunch, and the minimum and maximum durations. If you're not able to choose your preferred end time, try first adjusting the start time to be earlier/later.

Auto-Decline Meetings 

If there comes a time when you need your lunch time to be firm, you can defend this time so it will not change, and can automatically decline meetings scheduled with you during your lunch time.

  1. Click on the lunch event you'd like to protect.
  2. In your Clockwise sidebar, choose the option that works best for you, -or-
  3. From within your Google calendar, press Decline incoming meetings. Clockwise will no longer move this lunch event.


Manually Update Lunch Holds

Clockwise gives you the flexibility to manually update your lunch holds. To do so, simply drag the lunch hold to your desired future time on your calendar or adjust the scheduled duration.

Clockwise will then confirm, when you click on the event, that you have successfully updated your lunch hold to your desired time.

💡Once the lunch hold is manually edited, Clockwise will no longer make dynamic updates to the event.

Remove Lunch Holds

  1. Click on the desired event.
  2. In your Clockwise sidebar, press Remove this hold

To learn more about protecting “you” time, check out our Clockwise Academy course here!


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