Grant Permission to Asana for Google Calendar Users


Company level permission

  1. Navigate to this URL: Log in as a Workspace administrator. If Asana is not in the list, go to step 2. If it is in the list, go to step 5.

  2. You can add Asana as an app folks can work with from the Google Workspace Marketplace by clicking 'allowlist app' on this page at the top.

  3. Find Asana for Google Workspace Add-on and select it, then choose Allow users to install this app.

  4. Good job allowing access for the org! Move to the next section.
  5. A new install bypasses this. So, if it's in the list, validate the permissions by checking if it's in either the allowlisted apps or blocked apps list.

    You want the settings to reflect a 'trusted' app status. (If a security review is needed here, this is using Asana's app settings, not Clockwise's. It will need to be trusted to work with Google at all, though.)

    This will confirm Asana is under the allowlist apps.

    💡Note: When you look into the Asana settings, this is the data is requests.

  6. Okay, great – you are ready for individual authorization access, which should complete the rest of the setup! Move to the next section.


Individual Permission

  1. Navigate to this URL as a Google user:
  2. If Asana is in the list, click Asana, and then click delete all connections you have with Asana to remove the connection.

  3. Navigate to Asana and log in with your Google email.

    Once logged in, you should be able to authorize Asana following our normal directions of installing the integration, found here: Connecting the Asana integration. Keep in mind you will need to do both steps listed there, first adding Asana to your connected apps list within Clockwise, then adding Clockwise to your Asana projects.