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In a world where countless apps and distractions are fighting for your time, more and more people are turning to time blocking. Time blocking is a time management best practice for completing tasks by manually scheduling dedicated time on your calendar for them. Asana and Clockwise have partnered to help you streamline your time blocking! With this integration, Clockwise now helps you make time for specific tasks, by letting you schedule tasks on your calendar directly from Asana inside your Focus Time.

In this article:

Connect to your Asana account

  1. Within Clockwise, visit your Connected apps.
  2. Scroll down, and click Add to Asana.
  3. A new page will open, and you'll press Allow to give Clockwise the required permissions.
  4. Add Clockwise to the desired projects, and you're done!

Integrate Clockwise with your Asana project

  1. Navigate to your desired Project in Asana.
  2. Click Customize at the upper right side of your screen.
  3. Navigate to Add, and click Apps.

  4. An apps marketplace window will pop up showing you all available apps, search for Clockwise, then click Add to project.

The Clockwise app will automatically be added to your list of apps for that project.

Scheduling a task in Asana

Note: Clockwise is able to schedule individual, non-recurring Asana tasks at this time. It is unable to integrate with repeating tasks.

  1. Navigate to your desired Project in Asana; you should see Clockwise listed in your Task options.
  2. Click Schedule task on Calendar (via Clockwise) – a pop-up window will appear with the options for the event.

  3. Set the preferred event name (Clockwise will default the event name to the name of task), and duration with options from the Clockwise scheduler & click Submit:


  • Task Privacy: You have the option to set the task as visibility to private or public In Clockwise by checking or unchecking the “Public” box. If you set a task as "private," it will show up as "Busy" on your Clockwise calendar to anyone who does not have edit access to your calendar. It will show up for you with the task title visible in the event title and description.
  • You can mark this meeting as flexible to have Clockwise manage this task and it will be rescheduled if it conflicts with other events on your calendar, hassle-free!
  • You can only create task holds on your own calendar via the integration, not on the calendars of other colleagues or teams.
  • You need both an Asana account and a Clockwise account to use the integration.

Additional highlights

  • To uninstall the integration, it needs to be done from your Asana account under the specific workspace or project it was enabled for. 
  • If you complete a task in Asana, the task hold event will remain on your calendar.
  • Task holds are designed to sit on top of Focus Time blocks for quick reference on what tasks you have scheduled for that Focus Time block.
  • If you edit the scheduled task event directly on your calendar (i.e change the timing of the task) those changes will be automatically updated in Asana. 

Note: If you stop using Clockwise via deactivation, you will need to also remove the Clockwise app from the respective project.