Grant Admin Permission to Asana for Google Calendar Users

Available on these plans
  • Free
  • Teams
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Note: You must be a Google Workspace administrator in order to install and grant permission to create the calendar connection to Asana.

Company-level permission

  1. Sign into your Google Admin console and download the Google Workspace Add-on version of the Asana app from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

  2. Return to the third-party apps access control panel within the Google Admin console and hover over Asana. Select Configure/Change Access.

  3. Confirm your scope permits org access and click Next.

  4. Select a Trusted level of access for Asana, then click Next.

  5. Review the setup and the click Change Access to complete to installation.

Note: In terms of security, this access to data uses Asana's app settings, not Clockwise's. A list of the data requests Asana requires can be found under the app's requested services within the Google Admin console.