OneLogin User Provisioning with SCIM



Clockwise can integrate with your OneLogin identity provider setup to synchronize enabled users with your paid plan. This lets you decide who you want to pay for using your preferred tools. This article will cover the setup instructions.


To set up the integration, you will first need to have access to the admin interface of OneLogin. You will also need to be an admin for your plan in Clockwise.

Please note that the use of an identity provider (IdP) disables the ability to add users via the Clockwise admin panel: instead, the user list maintained in OneLogin is the allow-list of users who can be granted access to Clockwise. An admin may then allow access through OneLogin by provisioning access to the Clockwise application.

  1. Navigate to the Organization Plans & Billing area of the Clockwise web app.
  2. Find your plan and click the discretion arrow to the right.
  3. Click “Configure SCIM” to be brought to an admin portal with our partner WorkOS.

    Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 1.42.28 PM.png

  4. Recommended Step: Update the Clockwise application icon within OneLogin. To do so, click “Info”. Click the Rectangular and Square icons and upload the corresponding images.

    Screenshot_2023-10-19_at_1_46_44 PM.png

  5.  Optional step: You can configure your OneLogin portal so users can click the Clockwise icon and be brought to the Clockwise application. For your convenience, we have a stub SAML implementation that will interrupt the normal SAML login flow and redirect users to our calendaring application-authenticated login page. Users will not actually login with SAML. You can set both the “SAML Audience URL” and “SAML Consumer URL” to Click “Save”.

    Screenshot_2023-10-19_at_1_48_52 PM.png

  6. Each user in the “Users” pane should have a “Provisioned” state. If they are “Unknown”, try clicking “More Actions” → “Sync Logins”. If they require approval, click on the user and click “Approve”.


  7. Return to the WorkOS admin portal and complete the wizard. The final page will be a preview. Click “Back to Clockwise”

Admin Testing

As an admin, you might want to test out your Clockwise <> SCIM connection before adding the majority of your users. To do so, we recommend that you add yourself and up to 9 other users to confirm they are added to the corresponding Clockwise plan. When you add up to 10 users, Clockwise will not augment existing paid plan membership. Once you’ve confirmed things are working as expected, you can add the rest of your users. Please note that adding 10+ users will result in all of the users in your identity group moving to the paid plan; the rest will move to free.

If you have any questions or difficulties with your OneLogin SCIM integration, please contact Clockwise Support .