Paid User Management and Billing

Available on these plans
  • Free
  • Teams
  • Business
  • Enterprise

All paid Clockwise plans have at least 1 billing administrator. The main role of the Clockwise admin is to maintain user seat needs and usage, as well as manage billing details to the account.

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User Seats

User seats are the individuals within a paid team that determine the cost of your Clockwise account. For every email within a paid subscription, a user seat is considered counted and used by that person.

Note: Only admins can remove users from subscriptions, the three dots will not be clickable to non-admins in the subscription. 

Unrestricted and Restricted Plan Membership

Admins can set whether anyone is able to join your paid subscription in the Plans & Billing section of the account.

If an admin wishes to manually approve all requests, slide this toggle 'off'.

Note: This setting is only available to Business and Enterprise Clockwise plans.

Adding and Removing Paid Users

There are several ways to add users to a paid Clockwise team.


Users who want to join a paid plan can request to join from the Plans & Billing tab, which is immediately approved unless your organization uses restricted user management.

If manual approval is turned on for an account, all Clockwise admins will get an email to approve the User. Admins can approve new Users only by email. 

Inviting individual users to your Clockwise Team

  1. Navigate to the Users section of the Organization dashboard.
  2. Click the Invite button.
  3. Search for the teammate’s email you would like to invite to your Clockwise team and click Invite. Once someone accepts their Clockwise invitation, and admin approval is granted if needed, they will be considered a user of your team. Their name and role will now appear in your team list.

    All new Users of Clockwise will be immediately added to the paid plan unless your admin has set up restrictions for joining a team.

Removing individual users from your Clockwise Team

  1. Navigate to the Users section of the Organization dashboard.
  2. Locate the teammates you would like to remove from your team and click their checkbox to the left of their name. If needed, use Filters to narrow your search. You can filter by Teams or Subscriptions. You may also use the Search field on the right side to narrow down teammates. 
  3. Click the button that appears once names are selected to Remove them from the selected team.

Note: Users removed from a paid plan will still have active Clockwise accounts. This will allow them to enjoy Free features or else consider an individual Team if it would suit them better.

Billing Details

Update payment details

As a billing admin, you are able to view the most recent invoice, update billing details such as address and email, and change payment method. You can find these features under Plans & Billing.

Only admins can view the Billing details link for the subscriptions they are the admin of.

Monthly True Ups 

If there are any increases to your active user count above the number of seats you purchased, Clockwise will automatically “true up” your account to include the number of updated seats. For monthly plans, these true up charges will coincide with your monthly bill.  For annual plans, Clockwise will true up your subscription monthly, on the monthly anniversary of your purchase (ex: if you bought on Jan 5th, Clockwise will true up on the 5th of every month).

The price for these seats is pro-rated and co-termed to your subscription. Clockwise will email the account admin (Business plans) and each billing owner (Teams plans) 3 days before the billing event with information about the upcoming charge, the cost associated, and the current user count. 

If you have further questions about finding the right fit for your organization, our Sales team is more than happy to discuss what makes the most sense for you at whatever stage your needs exist. Feel free to email them any time.