Protecting Focus Time



Customize individual Focus Time holds

Any time you edit a Focus Time hold in your calendar, Clockwise will respect these edits and avoid automatically updating them throughout the week. Customize Focus Time in the following ways:

  • Edit the title to communicate what you're working on
  • Update the duration if Clockwise synced more time than you need
  • Drag and drop the timing to ensure it starts when you're ready to focus
  • Invite your coworkers for pairing or jam sessions 
  • Update the description to keep yourself accountable for what you're going to use the time for

Protect Focus Time

To ensure no events are scheduled during a specific block of Focus Time, you can automatically decline new meetings via protected holds.

  1. Select the Clockwise-managed hold (Focus Time, lunch, or meeting relief break) that you wish to protect.
  2. In your Clockwise Sidebar, choose Do not move it and also decline incoming meetings.