How do I set Out of Office in Clockwise?

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Clockwise can help you handle the logistics of going OOO automatically through a number of features:

    • Slack status sync – Clockwise will automatically update your Slack status to show that you are unavailable using the ⛔️ do not enter emoji.

    • Team availability calendar – Clockwise automatically generates a calendar for your Clockwise Team with everyone's availability to be used in your work calendaring app. To learn more, check out this article.

Below you will find some common questions about managing your out of office in Clockwise.

How does Clockwise know I'm out of office?

Clockwise uses the names of the meetings on your calendar to identify when you are out of office. We identify words and phrases in the title of your meetings (for example, "OOO" or "Out of Office") and then automatically categorize the meeting as an out of office event.

How do I edit the out of office setting?

OOO in Clockwise is based on the meetings on your calendar, and the category those meetings fall into. So to tell Clockwise you are going to be OOO, all you have to do is edit the category of the event on your calendar. You can find the category dropdown in the extension (Google users) or in your planner after clicking on a meeting in your calendar.