AI Scheduler Security Policies and Data Use

Clockwise AI Scheduler is the first intelligent calendar experience that makes scheduling as easy as having a conversation. AI Scheduler uses Clockwise’s time orchestration engine and natural language processing (NLPs) so you can make a request as if talking to a real-life assistant.

Clockwise AI Scheduler uses the same data processing access and security measures you've come to trust with Clockwise calendaring. This article provides a baseline understanding of how Clockwise interacts with organizational and personal information granted through the end-user agreement. If your procurement or security teams need more information, reach out to our security team directly.

Your Interaction with AI Scheduler 

Your interactions with AI Scheduler will always be between Clockwise’s Services and when necessary, with the facilitation of our vetted third-party vendors. No data is shared with Clockwise or other third-parties by simply having AI Scheduler enabled.

AI Scheduler prompts that perform changes

Every change to your calendar requires an explicit confirmation from you. Nothing will change on your calendar until you explicitly confirm it within the chat by clicking the options presented to you. A confirmation message will follow your choice.

Please be aware that we are deprecating parts of the Clockwise product as we launch faster and more reliable ways to schedule and reschedule via AI Scheduler, and restricting access will impact ability to fully utilize the Clockwise extension and web application.