How does the Clockwise Teams Trial work?

What is the Teams trial?

New users who sign up for Clockwise will receive 30 days of our Teams plan for free. More details on what the Teams plan includes can be found here.

Will I be charged at the end of the trial if I decide not to upgrade?

No payment information is required to begin your free Teams trial, you will not be charged.

If I upgrade before the trial is over, will I be charged immediately, or at the end of the trial?

You will be charged immediately, and your Teams plan will begin immediately, ending the free trial.

Can I add other people on my team to the trial?

At this time, the free Teams trial is limited to new users of Clockwise. If you add existing Clockwise users to your team, they will not receive the free trial. New users invited to your team will receive the 30 day trial when they sign up for Clockwise.