Why Do I Have Duplicate Focus Time?

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Edits made to your Focus Time event created by Clockwise cause Clockwise to replace the Focus Time event you initially edited.

This is because Clockwise no longer recognizes the event created as automatic Focus Time, but as a task within Focus Time.

Here's an example:

  • I edit the title of my Focus Time event to remind myself or my team what I'll be working on for this block of time.
  • Clockwise creates a block of Focus Time to ensure this time is still set aside.

How to prevent duplicate Focus Time

Mark all Focus Time events "busy"

  1. Visit Your ideal day.
  2. Choose Show as "busy" from the dropdown under your Focus Time settings

Mark individual Focus Time event "busy" (Google users)

  1. From within your Google calendar, click on the original Focus Time event with the ⏸ emoji in the title
  2. Click the edit icon to edit the event ✎
  3. Mark your availability for the event as "Busy"

  4. Click Save to save your changes