Slack Integration FAQs

How do I temporarily override status set by Clockwise?

Manually set your status in Slack and Clockwise will send you a confirmation message of pausing status sync. Clockwise will resume syncing after the "Clear after" time you set in Slack


How do I change my status to not show meeting titles?

To hide meeting titles from your status, access your preferences via your Connected Apps from the Clockwise web app. Adjust the settings in the Auto sync calendar to Slack status area to reflect Without event titles.

How do I disconnect Slack and Clockwise?

See how to disconnect by Removing Slack for Clockwise.

What permissions do you request when I set up my Slack account?

Read our article on our Slack app's security to learn more about the specific permissions and why they are needed.

Which of the event categories will show that I am "In a Meeting" using the Slack Status sync?

If your meeting is categorized as any of the below, your Slack status will show that you are in a meeting:

  • External attendees
  • One-on-one
  • Team sync
  • Ad-hoc
  • Other

Why is my Slack status still not syncing even though I have enabled it in Clockwise?

Please check to make sure you have not enabled Slack's Gcal status integration as it will prevent the Clockwise integration from working.

There is a mixed condition, however, if you would prefer to receive meeting reminders via Slack: Receiving Meeting Notifications via Slack


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