Lunch Events FAQ

Why are my lunch holds not scheduling?

Clockwise will recognize certain keywords to inform whether Lunch should be synced that day.  If you have a meeting on your calendar with words "Lunch" in it, Clockwise will assume you manually scheduled your lunch block and will not create a duplicate hold.

If you're confused as to why a lunch event was not created, scan your calendar to see if an event may be considered a lunch meeting. If you'd like your Lunch event to persist, consider renaming the meeting.

If my calendar changes, how quickly will the lunch hold update?

Clockwise events are updated in real-time – if there is a change to your calendar, they will update within minutes.  

Are the lunch events marked as busy, or free?

Lunch events are marked as "busy" on your calendar.  

Why do lunch events keep reappearing after I deleted them?

Lunch Smart Holds can be deleted from your desktop calendar by clicking Remove this hold from the right pane of your Clockwise extension.  You currently cannot delete a Smart Hold from your mobile device. 

How do I turn off the lunch event sync?

To turn off the Lunch events sync, go to Your ideal day, and click the toggle next to "How about having time for lunch every day?".

Why is there a lunch hold scheduled during another meeting?

Clockwise defaults to booking lunch on top of a meeting if there is not a way to schedule it that supports your preferences and meeting schedule. If Clockwise sees that there is no time available in a day to schedule it outside of meetings, the lunch hold is scheduled at the same time as a meeting with the least overlap possible – reminding you to take a lunch break, and to visually show coworkers that the meeting will be disrupting your lunch schedule, in case it's a movable meeting time.


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