Why am I unable to Delete Event From Clockwise Calendar?

Occasionally Clockwise users experience deleted calendar events reappearing in their Clockwise calendar, or continue to receive notifications for events that have already been removed. Typically these events are marked as Flexible.

This can happen because there is a known issue where meetings are revived on the calendars of people who previously deleted them. On the backend, this is what is happening:

    1. Person A creates a meeting with person B, where person B does not have edit permission for the meeting
    2. Person B deletes the upcoming meeting and all following instances of that meeting off their own calendar
    3. When Person A moves the meeting afterwards, the meeting will reappear on person B’s calendar.

Clockwise is moving the meeting that still exists on person A’s calendar on their behalf because the event still exists, even though B declined and removed the event from their calendar. So a new notification is sent to person B, creating the illusion of a non-disappearing event; it's actually a new recurrence of the original event.


Removing the problem event

  1. Turn off the Flexible Meeting option.
  2. Delete the event from your calendar, and ask the other participant to do the same.