User Management for Business Plan Admins

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Admins are an available role on Business plans using Clockwise. To find out more about roles within Clockwise, please read User Roles & Admin Controls.


Users who want to join a paid plan can request to join from the Plans and Billing tab. All admins will get an email to approve the User. Admins can approve new Users only by email. 


Inviting individual users to your Clockwise Team

  1. To add a User to your Team, they must first be invited to a Clockwise-managed calendar event
  2. Navigate to the Members menu within the Admin Panel and click the Invite button
  3. Search for the teammate’s email you would like to invite to your Clockwise team and click the Invite button 
  4. Once someone accepts their Clockwise invitation, they will be considered a paid user of your team. This is denoted by the small Clockwise symbol below their user icon and the label of User in the member list


Please note that all new Users of Clockwise will be added to the paid plan unless manually removed.


Removing individual users from your Clockwise Team

  1. Navigate to the Members menu within the Admin Panel
  2. If needed, use Filters to narrow your search. You can filter by Teams or Subscriptions
  3. You may also use the Search field on the right side to narrow down teammates
  4. Clicking the discretion area (...) reveals a menu action to remove the User

Note: Users removed from a paid plan will still have active Clockwise accounts.

You can remove the newly added seats any time before your payment is processed.  We will notify you 3 days before you’re charged so you have time to adjust your account.


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