Clockwise Organization Admin Access



Clockwise makes it easy to visualize, learn and manage your Clockwise experience through the Admin panel.

Accessing the Admin Panel

The administration for your organization can be found at the Organization dashboard.


This view gives you a quick snapshot of your Clockwise activity for your org. 


Some quick takeaways about this view:

  • You get an updated list of user count in your org, the number of total schedule assists as well as Focus Time created and conflicts resolved in a two-week period.
  • Cumulative activity shows the same metrics but over the past 12 months as well as a further breakdown of users by function and roles. 

Please note that this data set is currently not editable and is only for viewing purposes.


This is a list of all Clockwise users and non Clockwise users within your organization. You can sort to see a list of users by clicking on Status or searching for a colleague's name in the search bar, as well as filter by different plan types if this is a configuration within your organization. You also have the convenience of directly inviting teammates to join from the members tab. 


Plans and Billing

This is where you can manage your Clockwise billing details. If your org or team is on a free plan, you will see that here. Paid plans can make changes like updating payment credit card and the billing email on file for invoices as well as downloading previous invoices via the Billing Portal. 


Please note:

  • For Teams accounts, anyone on the team can assume the responsibility of being the admin for the team plan by clicking on the Billing details link. That will allow you to update the credit card on file as well as the billing email.

  • For Business accounts, only the designated admin on the account can make changes here to the billing details. Please reach out to with any further questions or help making changes for the billing details on the account. 

Organization settings

This gives you access to any organization settings like integrations set up in Clockwise. At the moment, you can only view but not make any changes in this view. If you wish to make any changes, you can see who is the integration admin to contact for these changes. 



How can I find the admin on my account?

For Free users, anyone on the team can assume the responsibility of an admin. If you have any further questions about what you want to get those or the reason why you would like to be an admin on the account, please reach out to us at 

For Teams accounts, clicking into the billing details will tell you who is currently the billing admin for the account. You can easily change this in the same view if you wish to assume responsibility as an admin on the account. 

For Business users, you will not be able to access this information through the admin panel so please reach out to for this information. 




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