Customizing Clockwise Notifications



Emails and notifications

Clockwise often sends emails to alert you and your colleagues when flexible meetings have been updated.  This ensures everyone is aware of all important updates and are prepared for recently moved meetings.  

Once Clockwise is implemented and accepted across a team however, you may not require these email notifications to remind you every time a meeting is moved. Update your email and notifications settings to control and customize the types of notifications you and your team receive.

To understand more about flexible meetings and why meetings can move, click here

Customize your notifications

To access your Emails and notifications preferences, go to your Clockwise Preferences, and scroll down to  "Emails and notifications".

Meeting move emails

Notify non-Clockwise attendees when you mark a meeting flexible:

This email may be the first time a colleague of yours has heard of what Clockwise is, what it does and why it has decided to move a meeting. This email will let your colleague know which meeting will be moved and what to expect.

If you choose to remove this email notification, make sure to clearly communicate with your colleagues which meetings you mark as flexible so they know what to expect.

Get notified when others mark a meeting you're attending as flexible:

This email will let you know when a meeting has been marked as flexible.  You will only get this email once per meeting and it is a good way to manage your expectations that a new meeting is now subject to be moved.

Summary of flexible meeting updates:

This email will be sent to you when Clockwise optimizes your calendar, when any flexible meeting moves have taken place.  If no meeting moves occurred, you will not receive this email. 

In-Calendar notifications

Note: This feature is currently only available for Google accounts, for folks who have downloaded the Clockwise web extension.

Notifications you receive in your Google calendar with suggestions:

When a conflict exists for events on your calendar, Clockwise will suggest an alternate time that works better for your calendar, and that of your coworkers (internal meetings only).

When an event interrupts a block of Focus Time, Clockwise will suggest a better time to give you as much Focus Time as possible.

Suggestion emails

Your week in review

Every Friday, you'll receive an overview of how you spent your time. Your week in review includes the following:

  • The amount of time you spent in Focus Time, Fragmented time and Meetings this week and how it compared to last week
  • A gif illustrating how your calendar has evolved over the week
  • An overview of what next week looks like in regards to Focus Time, meetings and fragmented time
  • Who from your team is out of the office next week
  • Who from your team is particularly low on Focus Time next week
  • Helpful productivity stories and advice from the Clockwise blog
  • Suggestions for inviting coworkers

Clockwise will find colleagues that you work particularly close with that are good candidates for joining Clockwise because they have a lot of fragmented time, or they may be the organizer for events that are good candidates for flexible meetings.

Slack notifications

To edit your Slack notifications, go to your Connected apps dashboard for Slack, and edit your notifications from there.

To learn more about Slack for Clockwise, click here.