How Flexible Meeting Moves Benefit Your Entire Company



Clockwise will automatically reschedule flexible meetings to the least disruptive time as your organization's calendar changes, minimizing interruptions and context switching costs.  

We know it can be confusing to see your teammates benefiting from a meeting move when they aren't even invited to the meeting.  But when Clockwise moves one meeting to a better time, that can create an opportunity for us to make improvements to your co-worker's schedules as well. 


For example, a 1:1 between Alex and Tatiana was moved, improving their calendars.  In addition, moving that meeting opened up calendar and room availability, making it possible to optimize schedules elsewhere in the organization. The collective benefits of this one meeting move include:

  • More Focus Time for Alex and Tatiana
  • Moving Alex/Tatiana's 1:1 made it possible to resolve a conflict for Johan
  • Moving events on Alex, Tatiana and Johan's calendars improved 2 meetings for Andy

For a reminder of all the factors that Clockwise takes into consideration, see below:

  • Focus Time cost: Clockwise calculates the total Focus Time cost for all attendees on the meeting, then compares that with the Focus Time cost of all the available alternative times.  If there is a time that is free that meets all other criteria below and has a lower Focus Time cost, Clockwise will automatically move the meeting.
  • Your meeting hours:  Clockwise will only move meetings within the meeting hours you set during on-boarding.  You can review or change these at any time from Settings.
  • The other attendees' meeting hours: Clockwise infers meeting hours for the other meeting attendees based on their past behavior.  The best way to ensure you we have accurate meeting hours for meeting attendees is to invite them to Clockwise so they can customize them.
  • Your flexibility setting for the meeting: Clockwise only looks for alternative times either within the day or within the week of the original meeting time, depending on how flexible you say the meeting is.
  • Your lunch preferences:  Clockwise will attempt to preserve some time for you to take a break for lunch.  You can customize this preference in Settings.