Focus Time Setup



Enable Focus Time

Configure your Focus Time settings to display your Focus Time events on your primary work calendar. 

  1. Navigate to your Focus Time settings: Your Ideal Day
  2. Choose the best time of day for your Focus Time
  3. Choose to schedule all of your available Focus Time, or set a goal by choosing a target number of hours.
Note: When setting your Focus Time goal, try to pick a number that balances the time spent in meetings, how much Focus Time you need to complete your work, and how much open space you need to remain available for ad-hoc meetings. Once you decide on your target, set it as the amount of Focus Time you want each week.  

Note Focus Time preferences

Availability and Notifications

Both availability and event notifications can be set in Your Ideal Day.

Availability will manage whether events show you as Free or Available during Focus Time.

Event alerts can be great to remind you that it is time to switch modes.

Early Worm or Midnight Oil

Set when you'd prefer to have your focus time preserved in your workday in Preferences under Do you prefer to have open time at the start or end of your day?.

Customize individual Focus Time holds

Any time you edit a Focus Time Smart Hold in your calendar, Clockwise will respect these edits and avoid automatically updating them throughout the week. Customize Focus Time in the following ways:

  • Edit the title to communicate what you're working on
  • Update the duration if Clockwise synced more time than you need
  • Drag and drop the timing to ensure it starts when you're ready to focus
  • Invite your coworkers for pairing or jam sessions 
  • Update the description to keep yourself accountable for what you're going to use the time for

Protect Focus Time

To ensure no events are scheduled during a specific block of Focus Time, you can automatically decline new meetings via Protected Smart Holds.

  1. Select the Smart Hold (Focus Time, lunch, or meeting relief break) that you wish to protect.
  2. In your Clockwise Sidebar, choose Do not move it and also decline incoming meetings.

Deleting individual Focus Time events

To delete Focus Time, click on the event in your calendar, then click on the Remove this Hold button from the event details view in the Clockwise sidebar.

If you delete Focus Time from any other location, the events will be recreated.




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