Smart Conflict Resolutions



Ever been surprised by an out of office teammate or a meeting attendee that is double booked? Clockwise automatically surfaces problems and insights from your calendar so you can focus on your work, not your calendar. 

Note: Smart Suggestions are only available in the Clockwise Chrome extension.

Clockwise currently surfaces 6 types of suggestions (but we will continue to add more!):

  • You scheduled a meeting that disrupts Focus Time and there's a better time available
  • You or someone on your team is low on Focus Time this week
  • A meeting you scheduled should be marked as flexible
  • One of your teammates is out of office next week
  • A meeting was scheduled for next week that conflicts with one of your existing meetings
  • Someone in your organization schedules a lot of disruptive meetings with your team and should be invited to Clockwise


Disruptive Meeting

The disruptive meeting suggestion appears when you schedule a meeting that has a high Focus Time cost for you or the other meeting attendees.  When you click to reschedule, Clockwise shows the event details, as well as some alternative times that have a lower Focus Time cost.  You can click on an alternative time to reschedule.


Low on Focus Time

This suggestion appears when you or someone on your team has a lower than usual amount of Focus Time for that week. Clockwise uses your historical meeting patterns to establish what is "low" for each teammate. The Low Focus Time suggestion only surfaces on Mondays, to give you a chance to take an action to free up some Focus Time for the person who is low that week.  

Flexible meetings

Clockwise automatically suggests that a meeting should be marked as flexible when our algorithms detect that it would be a good candidate.  Currently, we only suggest that certain recurring meetings be made flexible, because marking these as flexible will result in the most consistent Focus Time improvements over time.  Learn more about flexible meetings here.

Out of Office Teammate

Clockwise automatically surfaces when a member of your team has an Out of Office (or similar phrase) block on their calendar in the current week. These suggestions are only generated when the out of office calendar event is visible to the Clockwise user.


Clockwise respects every user's privacy settings, so private events will not trigger a suggestion.

Conflicting Meeting

Clockwise automatically notifies you when a new meeting is scheduled on your calendar that conflicts with an existing one next week.  


Invite to Clockwise

When Clockwise identifies a teammate that schedules meetings with you and your team that result in high Focus Time costs, we will generate a suggestion to invite that person to Clockwise.