Why didn't Clockwise resolve my conflict?



There’s a wide variety of reasons, but Clockwise doesn’t resolve a conflict when:

  1. It considers an event immovable, or
  2. It can’t find a way to resolve the conflict (ie. it doesn’t see any free slots within the move range)

You can select an event in your calendar to view any conflicts that may have hindered rescheduling, or even reschedule the event ahead of time by clicking on the event in the Planner and noting the suggestions on the right-hand column.


Common reasons Clockwise considers an event immovable

  • Its timing is set (the meeting is happening within 20 hours).
  • It is paused.
  • The event is outside meeting hours for any attendees who haven't RSVPed No.
    • This could be because an attendee is OOO / holiday, which essentially marks the attendee’s schedule as non-working.
  • Any of the attendees’ calendars have not been accessed by Clockwise; typically this happens when there's an external attendee or a brand new Clockwise user that has not had an optimization run on their calendar yet.