Personal Calendar Sync Overview and Set Up

As work increasingly happens outside the 9-5 workday with hybrid work and more flexible schedules, it’s more important than ever to stay organized by keeping your various personal & work calendars in sync.

Clockwise Personal Calendar Sync can help; in this article you'll learn:

How Personal Calendar sync works

The Clockwise personal calendar sync automatically syncs events from your personal Google Calendar account to your work calendar, so you never miss a doctor’s appointment or an important delivery. Even better, none of the personal details are included in the event, so your personal events stay private.

For your privacy, synced events will have the subject "Busy (via Clockwise)" for your coworkers to see. Clicking into the event will only show you the event details. If a synced event changes time or duration on the connected personal calendar, that change will be reflected in your work calendar automatically.

Set up Personal Calendar sync

1. Navigate to Your ideal day

2. Scroll down to "Do you want to syn events from another calendar?"

3. Click on Connect new calendar to add your personal calendar

Once the calendar is connected, your personal calendar events that meet the following criteria will automatically sync within a few minutes:

  • During the work week (Mon-Fri) and outside of your working hours as well.
  • They occur within the next 2 weeks (4 weeks for Business & Enterprise plan users) past the current date - events will continue to be added on a rolling basis

Why personal calendar events might not sync

There are a few reasons why you may not see personal calendar events synced to your work calendar:

  • Events will only sync during your working days. If your Clockwise working hours indicate you are off on a particular day of the week, personal events on that day will not sync. 
  • Events with a "Free" visibility set will not sync.
  • Only events scheduled on your primary calendar will sync. Events on a shared calendar, layered with your personal calendar will not sync.
  • All Day Events, that you are invited to from your personal calendar, will not be synced over into Clockwise. 
  • Too far in the future - Clockwise will only sync events in the current and following two weeks.
    • Business & Enterprise plans will sync the current and following four weeks.


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