Company-Wide No-Meeting Day



Many organizations have implemented no-meetings days into their work culture to increase productivity but without the capability built directly into the calendar it can be hard to maintain as the culture changes, teams grow, or if meeting norms are different between cross-functional groups.

Luckily, it is possible to enable a organizational no-meeting day with Clockwise, where you can designate a specific day to avoid scheduling meetings. 

How does company-wide no-meeting day work?

  • All flexible meetings will avoid no meeting days
  • Flexible meetings that have been designated to move within week, will avoid no meeting days
  • Meetings scheduled using Clockwise's Scheduler will avoid no meeting days

Unlike team no-meeting days, an automatic email does not get sent out when colleagues schedule a meeting on your company-wide no-meeting day prompting them to reschedule.


Enabling and disabling company-wide no-meeting day

Email our team to request this feature to be enabled for your organization. You must be an admin on the account for the request to be processed.

Once this feature is enabled, there is no visible indication it is enabled within Clockwise UI. Users are unable to opt out of organizational NMD observation.


Note: If your organization has enabled company-wide meeting day, using team no-meeting day on another day of the week will result in additional NMD observance. This can limit flexibility.