Can I use Microsoft Viva focus plans with Clockwise?



It is strongly not recommended. Allowing Viva to create a focus time hold on your calendar will cause an inflexible hold on your calendar that will cause difficulty in providing flexibility in your day.


Note: Using this method will alter your Clockwise Focus Time analytics by increasing your meeting time and decreasing your Focus Time, as focus time added by Outlook's calendaring system classifies as a hold in Clockwise.


You can enable Viva Insights to set focus time up for your account by choosing to configure your focus plan. This will add 2 hours of focus time by default to your calendar as possible on a recurring basis. You can alter the amount of time and notification preferences in the same area.


Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 9.22.49 AM.png


To disable the automatic scheduling of a focus time hold, you will need to leave plan within the same Protect Time settings area of Viva Insights.

Screenshot_2023-10-18_at_9_33_24 AM.png