Clockwise Change Log

Stay up to date on how Clockwise is changing to meet your needs. If you'd like to see a feature added to Clockwise that isn't on this list yet, please let us know.



Late Start Preservation

  • Clockwise just got smarter for individuals and organizations who have adopted a late-start meeting culture. When Clockwise optimizes your schedule, we'll make sure to keep your preferred start times in mind. 


Clockwise Web Experience

  • The Clockwise web experience is the home base to configure, evaluate, and manage your calendar with the ultimate goal of curating a sustainable schedule you love in 2023

Admin Panel User Export

  • The ‘Users’ tab in the web dashboard now offers a button to download a CSV of Clockwise users. This information was previously only available in the web UI, but is now more readily available for customers. 

    To access, log into and click on the ‘Users’ tab. 

Extended optimization window

  • Clockwise will routinely optimize users’ schedules and resolve flexible meeting conflicts up to four weeks out, instead of two, allowing better visibility into the month ahead.

  • Available only for Business and Enterprise customers. 


Meeting & calendar data export

  • The ability to export meeting hours, Focus Time, and fragmented time data directly from Admin portal. Use these granular calendar analytics to identify users who have high meeting load and low focus time, so that your organization can optimize everyone’s schedule.

  • Available to Business & Enterprise customers.

SOC2 Type II Compliance

  • Clockwise earned SOC 2 Type II compliance by achieving service commitments and system requirements based on the trust services criteria relevant to security, as defined by the AICPA.
  • Check out our blog post linked here.


Flexible holds move in real time:

  • Mark holds as as flexible and when your calendar changes and conflicts pop up, we move these holds immediately (not just once a day), so your calendar reacts as your day evolves.

More helpful emojis:

  • Emojis in Clockwise-managed meetings (Flexible Meetings, Focus Time holds, and Lunch holds) will show as paused (⏸️) when timing has been set due to manual edits.
    • Screen_Shot_2023-01-19_at_5.50.39_PM.png




  • Automatically decline any incoming meetings that overlap with your focus time or lunch.
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Finer controls for flexible events:

  • Day-of-week control on flexible meetings. Select which days the meeting could move to when you’re editing the event.
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Group scheduling via Links:

  • Easily schedule many-to-one meetings with multiple members from your organization and an external invitee.
    • 6367d2475d8591847a85d678_63321525df9c5c7bbe73b2ee_group-links-4__1_.gif

Links Chrome extension:

  • Access your Clockwise Links via the Clockwise extension toolbar, so you can quickly copy and paste meeting links into email, chat, anywhere!
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Links custom questions:

  • Specify a set of required questions for a booker to fill out when using a scheduling link.
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Links custom date ranges:

  • You can now specify a date range for a scheduling link. Only slots in that range are shown.
    • Screen_Shot_2023-01-19_at_5.54.45_PM.png

Smarter meeting breaks:

  • When your calendar starts to fill up with meetings, we will use your preferences to automatically build in breaks throughout the day. 
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