Receiving Meeting Notifications via Slack for Google Accounts

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Getting a daily digest of all of your meetings and Focus Time may not be enough: you may want to be notified ahead of a meeting’s start to be sure to keep yourself on time, or to have the virtual meeting link right at your fingertips as you transition to your next engagement. 

This takes a specific configuration between Google and Clockwise in order to prevent redundant notifications. Setting this up delivers a notification each time you’re meant to transition to another task, and each time there’s an update – particularly helpful for those last-minute meeting changes!

This setup should follow the setup of our Slack integration, detailed here.

In this article:

Check your Clockwise Slack settings

  1. Install the Clockwise Slack app to your Slack instance.
  2. Navigate to the Clockwise Slack app Settings located in the App’s Home tab.

  1. Validate your settings; you may select any time for your daily forecast, opt in/out of flexible meeting move summaries, display title visibility in event syncing, and select whether meetings automatically set your Slack status to Do Not Disturb mode.

Note: Scheduling your daily forecast ahead of your workday start time allows for delivery in non-peak hours; delivery in peak hours may cause a momentary delay in the list of your daily meetings.

Check your Google Calendar Slack settings

  1. Install the Google Calendar Slack app to your Slack instance.
  2. Navigate to the Google Calendar Slack app Settings located in the App’s Home tab.

  3. Validate that both sync options, Daily Schedules and Status Sync, are turned off (if turned off, they will read ‘Turn On’ as shown below).

  4. Select Notification Preferences for the email that matches your Clockwise account.

  5. Set Event reminders sent… to a time that reflects how soon ahead of an event you wish to receive a meeting notification.

  6. Set Event updates to on. This allows last-minute updates to add a video conferencing room onto an event to reach you in Slack.

  7. Click Update.