What does a Contact Sharing Error mean?

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If you are receiving the Please update Google to allow Clockwise to access your contacts. error, you will need to request your Google Workspace administrator add Clockwise as a trusted app. To do this, they can follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to Google Admin's App Access Control (Security > API Controls > App Access Control).
  2. Click View list for your Accessed app list.

  3. Search for the Clockwise app.

  4. Change access from Limited to Trusted, then click Next.

  5. Click Change access button to confirm.

Clockwise is already a trusted app

Please ask your Google Workspace admin to enable contact sharing in the Admin console: Google directory management.

Clockwise is not in your list of connected apps

Please take the following steps:

  1. Click Add app.
  2. Select the web apps option.
  3. Click on OAuth Name or Client ID.
  4. Enter the client ID and click Search.
    • Clockwise's client ID: 813252810479-k5kd9g4f569a3efhdptsdb70vdff4oda.apps.googleusercontent.com
  5. Select the app and click Add.